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The German Spitz is mostly known under the common name: Keeshond, Loulou or Spitz.

This breed is especially great to live midst a family.  There are 5 different sizes: (the biggest – max 55 cm – the smallest – min 18 cm – wither height and a color spectrum (white, brown, orange, crème, bisque, wolfs gray, ...).

Spitz are friendly, vigilant and full of temperament.  Moreover they are intelligent, learns easily and they are very kind.  Through a lack of hunting instinct they are agreeable companions for a walk and there is no chance of running away.  Spitz loves a walk, but a lot of movement is not necessarily needed in contrast with Shepherds, Hunting dogs and greyhounds.

Thanks to their excellent standing coat they often are their owner’s pride.  The “Loulou” may show a little vitality, but the Breeders Club is strictly keeping an eye to avoid an occasionally tendency of aggression in the breed.

Spitz should particularly have a good stable character and a strong health.